Knowing Brothers Episodes with EXO and BTOB

In episode 85, EXO, one of the hot K-Pop bands at this time, came to Knowing Brothers that publish on At first they showed their skills to “Guess about me”. Facts from Baek Hyun and D.O are the most shocking and become the highlights of this episode. Baek Hyun, who was repeatedly mentioned about lovers, could only answer “I’m Sensitive”. Here in this one of the most rated Knowing Brothers episodes they also show interesting teamwork. Of course Lee Sang Min and Seo Jang Hoon are back in the matter of their divorce. Then they did a 99 Second Teamwork Competition game where EXO members were challenged to fight the Hyung-nim to do 99 seconds of gaming. If the team succeeds in completing it before 99 seconds then the team will be the winner. Usually if you lose you must follow the winning request. Most if they win they can promote their song.

BTOB is also invited in several Knowing Brothers episodes and one of them is in episode 76. The episode is starting with the selection of class leaders who will be on duty for 100 days. The arrival of BTOB from “It’s Not a Song Promotion High School” came to Knowing Brothers. The Hyung-nim is asked to guess their nickname. Sungjae showed his skills to imitate Min Kyung Hoon and also the members who failed to show their abilities. Then the secret of Im Hyuk Sik’s birth was revealed. He said that his father was a singer, and when he sang the song all Hyung-nim sang together. Even Ho Dong showed his respect to Hyuk Sik.

Next they do the game “Guess the picture” where one person who is at the end will be blindfolded and the remaining six members will draw alternately for 5 seconds each person. They draw according to the topic given and the last person who will guess it. If the answer is correct, it will get points. In the last segment they played 99-Second Teamwork Competition. And the losers will get a shower of water from the winners. In the end of this one of the most rated Knowing Brothers episodes, the team that got a score of 1001 VS 102 and there was only one person from the losing team, who got water.

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