Multi-cam Live Streaming – Tutorial and Pro Gear Set-up 2019

The reason why I would say it’s good to have a little mixer board like this is because they’re cheap this is a sixty or eighty bucks you can get it and you can quickly adjust these you know these different audio levels I can have a cassette multiple other microphones but I also have example here the sound of here my let’s say my intro that I’m playing so you can see my little intro here actually has sound playing so now if I increase it here on channel 12 be able to hear it there like that’s kind of thing I can control this and let’s see if I don’t want to play that and and this is kind of how I used this computer also to I guess I play the intro graphic or let’s say I want to do tv malaysia

And I don’t know maybe they let me cut to that screen here and once let’s see I’m done right i’ll switch to let’s see my main camera and then after let’s see if I want to you know like have some other graphics displaying then today I was doing a little show where I was showing a little lighting setup so I can have that and again it’s gonna be showing as you can see here and it’s also being recorded there on my computer so that’s actually what people will see so that’s kind of the the cool thing about that is I can use this laptop now to kind of show different graphics or we have submissions for the show I show people’s different youtube videos up here

And again everything just kind of shows up in my live stream going back a little bit to here the mixing board yeah you also have things like the example you have a compressor tools you can adjust a high mid and low kind of frequencies like you have all these cool things that you can do you can actually feed effects into it more advanced stuff that i’ll probably never do but you can do all those cool things so that’s the reason why it’s good to have a mixer board because again if I wanted to do this using here this little knob on the Blackmagic 8em switcher or on