The Beginners Guide to Forex trading 2019

The London Stock Exchange we’ll be open local hours in the UK the New York Stock Exchange local hours in the US and so forth the forex market is different though you can access it 24 hours a day so if you do have a full time job if you’re if you’re a student it doesn’t really matter because the fourths markets still open and still active on an evening throughout the night early hours of the morning and that’s one of the great things about the forex market there’s lots of great things that’s one of jadwal tv

The great things about forex markets there are some other things I can go through with you on this page Forex is traded in pairs so to trade a currency you have to trade two currencies and this is where it might get a bit complicated but it’s very simple once you get used to it so currency can only be valued by comparing to another currency and it’s the same the stock market if you want to know the price of Apple shares it’s going to be priced in u.s. Dollars you want to know the price of Tesco shares it’s going to be priced in pounds and the forex market is

The same so you want to know the current price of Australian dollars you need to price that in u.s. Dollars or pounds or Canadian dollars so Forex has always traded in pairs and you can see on the screen here we have a number of acronyms for currencies we have the Australian dollar US dollar we have the Euro Great British Pound the Great British Pound US dollar and the US dollar Japanese yen so currencies are generally listed as acronyms three-letter acronyms and are in pairs such as Australian dollar US dollar euro pound pound US dollar US dollar yen and the list can go on US dollar Swiss franc US dollar Canadian dollar Canadian dollar Japanese yen euro pound euro Australian dollar euro Swiss franc there are many many pairs to trade and to watch forex has traded through a Forex broker so just going back to the stock trader example