Prepare your IELTS Test skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing

IELTS Test – Sometimes, people get afraid when they have IELTS speaking test as this will test your capability in vocabulary and pronunciation. When you have IELTS speaking test always take practice with your friends.

IELTS Test – The speaking test session

When you take the speaking test, get prepared and develop your skills such as vocabulary and grammar.
• Try to speak as much as possible, try to be fluently as you can and speak spontaneously
• Try to relax when you talk, look confident and enjoy when using English as your language
• When the examiner asks you a question, develop your answer and speak more rather than the examiner. If it is necessary, ask for the clarification if you do not clear enough about the question.
• Do not learn for the prepared answer. The speaking tests examiners are trained with this speaking spot and know how to change the question as they will.
• When you talk, express your opinion as this will be assessed as your communication skills.
• The questions from examiner are tended to be predictable

IELTS reading preparation test

IELTS Test – Read A Lot is the best thing you need to do if you need to prepare your reading test. By reading a lot, you will open your mind to concepts and ideas from the text. Find anything that readable such as books, magazine, research papers or even advertisements will be a great reading source for you. IELTS reading is limited but you need to read and understand any information in the text that can be wasting time for you if you do not have a strategy. The most important thing when you have a reading test, learn to read the text critically and grasp the information in the text as soon as possible. Do not spend too much time answering a question. Learn how to scanning and skimming the text in effectively as this can save many times for you to find the answer.

Listening test preparation

IELTS Test – When the session starts follow the instruction that give. The task can be different from the practice or from the previous test. Listen and focus to the specific information that you need to hear. Anticipate what the speaker will say. Read, write and listen at the same time. You need high concentration when doing these three different tasks at once. Attempt to all answer as there are no penalties for the incorrect answer. Maybe, your guess answer is correct and can add your score.

IELTS writing test task preparation

IELTS Test – The ielts writing task will take 60 minutes long. There are two writing tasks. In Task 1, the candidates need to write at least 150 words and in Task 2, write at least 250 words. Both of the tasks are written in the formal style.
• Analyze each task you completed and spend time on making notes
• Highlight or mark keywords you find in the tasks to make you sure on what you need to focus on doing your essay
• Write the paragraph clearly by putting only one idea in each paragraph
• Do not copy a full sentence in questions
• Practice to manage your time when writing the essay
• Pay more attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling because you can lose the marks when doing mistakes in the parts