Bali Vacation And Things You Probably Never Heard

Bali vacation offers exotic beaches, coastlines, and tropical jungles. Also, Hindu Culture and the Balinese population are the main attractions. The island is so much different from other paradises on earth. Nusa Penida Go Vacation Company tells you something about Bali you may never hear. It is worth the money to plan Bali full day tour.


Ubud and Its Magical Things

So, Ubud is so popular as the center of the spiritual journey. You can learn about self-growth. It can be from contact dance, workshops, or talks. Other than that, they can help you learn about meditation and tantra. Also, it is so much interesting to know about cacao ceremonies.

You can go to the local venues like Paradiso, Akasha, or Alchemy for chasing dreams.

$10 Quality Massages

Try street massages in the tourist areas. If you worry about the massage quality, find the best recommendation on TripAdvisor. Boreh Pijat Salon and Sauna, Ubud, can be a great choice. You will get one-hour of massage with Boreh treatment. Boreh means herbal healing scrub. Plus, 30 minutes of wood-fired sauna for $12.

Bali Vacation Beaches and Rainy Season

October-April is the rainy season. If you visit Kuta Beach or Seminyak Beach, you will see trash is everywhere.

In the rainy season, we recommend you to go to Uluwatu. Otherwise, try for beaches close to Padang Bai. Also, go to the main island to Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or Gili Islands.

Try Balinese Compound

There are many Balinese stays in compounds. They placed and aligned the ancient architecture based on the laws of Hinduism according to Balinese. For example, walled Karang is a small opening. Once you passed it, it will remove any bad spirits. Inside the compounds, you will feel like you are in a palace with beautiful carvings and ornate doors.

You can rent the compounds with a few rooms or bungalows. The cost is also more affordable than a resort or hotel. You can pay $19 to stay per night at Savira Bungalows.