HOW OBS Tutorial Series The Basics

And the CPU usage let’s talk about recording so we have recording path you can make any file name you want you can pick a format got a couple choices there some of them cannot do multiple tracks to watch out for that when you’re encoding your recording use the Nvidia encoder if you have it because there’s no reason not to you don’t have to worry about bit rate with the Nvidia encoder when you’re recording locally so you can make it look great you can make it look tremendously good I would recommend a really high bit rate on your recording just almost lossless for me like it really depends on how much space you have the higher the bit rate or whatever setting you’re using you can use variable bitrate because you don’t really need to use CBR locally tvmelayu

And you don’t need to use keyframe interval to either so these are my settings except I’m actually going to drop an extra 0 on there for bitrate there’s my settings for recordings something like that very nice looking video locally regardless of why stream looks like and when I go to edit at for youtube or whatever it’ll be ready for me to look nice it’ll be good to go so that’s the that’s the output settings really the biggest confusion here comes from CPU usage and that it’s it’s not really backwards because it’s talking about how much work your CPU does basically but people read it backwards so I wanted to make sure you knew that slow and medium are extremely good settings

And ultra fast and super fast are awful just barely worth using compared to the other incredible don’t use those audio settings sample rate generally there’s just two choices I would just use that one 44 Hertz kilohertz channels stereo whatever desktop audio devices and mics are what get set in here and this depends on your setup i’ve got virtual audio cables i’ve got a pretty complicated audio setup that i’ll probably talk about later but for now i’ll just tell you that I have my desktop audio here and this is my mic and this is my Dischord audio i’ve got it separated just for my own convenience and there’s a bunch of push-to-talk hotkeys and stuff you can set those if you want I don’t use them video you set your resolution here I think you just type it in but if you want you can you can just go with