HOW THE LEARN OBS IN 30 MINUTES Complete Tutorial for Beginners

The gray of the ceiling so I’m gonna use pick screen color here click on that hit OK and as you can see it filtered everything out because gray is not a good color to use for that so i’ll turn down the similarity let’s see the color spill reduction and you could get a mess around with the setting the reason why people use green screens though is because screen is not really something that you would see in a room it’s not a color people wear and it doesn’t really show up on anyone’s body so it’s a good color to filter out in the background when you want there to be some image or a game behind you rather than them just seeing your room so yeah anyway not really going to get into it in too much detail right there but that would be 

The general idea of how you do that and as you can see there’s other effects you can play around with here as well kuroky is basically the same as chroma key so if you don’t have good experiences with chroma key but you’re trying to filter out that background you could give color key a shot and for audio/video filters we have things like a compressor when you want to make the audio levels of your microphone more equal again when you want to raise the volume of your microphone noise gate if you want the microphone to lock itself when you’re not talking noise suppression when you want to remove some background noise and you can also add in VST audio plugins such as Reaper filters

If you look into that later and fyi if you have a bunch of sources in your scene but you don’t want to actually show them all on-screen at the same time you can always click one of these eyeballs here and that will hide it if the eyeball is not open you can also lock the sources so you can’t make any changes to it by clicking on the lock so let’s say that you wanted to add in noise suppression as an audio filter on your microphone well where we see Mike ox here we can write we can left-click on the Settings gear and go to filters well from there you can already see I have a whole bunch of filters at it in here it’s