Vitamin C in Food List that Gives People Enough Intake for the Vitamin Per Day

Vitamin C in food list can be easily found, actually. After all, it is contained in many foods we used to eat. As you know, you can find it in fruits and vegetables. Its benefits are countless, but it is so well known for its potent antioxidant.

That is why this vitamin can help with skin health and immune function. Now that you know what we need this vitamin for, you have to make sure that your body gets enough intake every day. For that, you need to know what food to eat. Let us tell you below.

Foods that Are High in Vitamin C Content

Vitamin C in Food List that Gives People Enough Intake for the Vitamin Per Day

Each serving of foods contain particular amount of vitamin C. So, you can’t just randomly eat everything, hoping that it has enough intake for your body. Among many things, vitamin C in food list includes the one contained in chili peppers.

This veggie with vitamin C has 109mg of the vitamin from the green one and 65mg from the red one. The capsaicin content that makes the hot taste has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. But, chili pepper is not the only one with this vitamin.

Coming from the fruits, there is guava to consider for vitamin C food intake. There is as much as 126mg of the vitamin in it. It was studied that eating 400grams of this fruit per day has the chance to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

So, it is good to have every day. Fruits with vitamin C vary. This could make a good change as well. It is all for the sake of your health. Therefore, you can’t have your days living with lacking some fruits to eat. There is rich amount of vitamin C in food list.

Vitamin C in food list is there is many fruits and vegetables. Veggies like chili pepper and fruits like guava have quite good amount of vitamin C content in it.