All Things You Can Do On Nusa Penida Island

Before you choose a nusa penida package, it is better to know all things about the island. This is a tropical island that will be great to do many things. First, you should go to Kelingking Beach. You will find a cliff that will remind you of a T-Rex for its shape. The place is so popular among tourists for its iconic beauty. It is also a secluded island with the white sandy and the turquoise waters.

The next place to visit is Angel’s Billabong. It is beautiful that will make you feel like you are enjoying the natural pool. You can go there as your penida one day trip. It is so popular among tourists because it has amazing rock formations. You can enjoy hanging out with your friends and enjoy the beautiful ocean view.

Also, you should go to Broken Beach. It offers an arched tunnel that creates a beautiful natural pool. The place is great for a selfie and it is so Instagrammable. In addition, you should visit Crystal Bay Beach if you still have enough time to visit Penida Island, There, you will feel like you are in a little paradise with the palm trees. It is like you have a little beach for your privacy with the palm trees as the fence. To reach the beach, you need to explore the wood for your great adventure.

Banah Cliff Point is also a must place to visit. It offers spectacular viewpoints. There, we recommend you to go early. Make sure that you wake up in the morning and head to the place early to enjoy the amazing views from the cliff, the blue water, and the waves.

The last place to recommend is Tembeling Natural Pool. It is a nice place to enjoy diving into the blue waters with random pools that appear naturally in the middle of the beach and the forest.