Top OBS Settings for Live Streaming

The CPU encoder and I think it’s still the best opportunity for streaming slowed it down a little bit since I’m here and as I’ve mentioned there’s really not much of a difference now that you’ve chosen an encoder we can go on to the next steps you can leave in for streaming service encoder settings on and you shouldn’t need to rescale your output however if you do you can choose your resolution from the drop-down otherwise leave it unchecked your rate control can stay the constant bit rate or CBR as that’s going to be the best option and we can move on to bitrate your bitrate capabilities are going to be largely dependent upon your internet connection specifically your upload speed so unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all number for this however I generally suggest to start at a 2,500 bit rate


And adjust up or down depending on your goals and what you’re experiencing in your own stream is page from twitch does a good job of giving you an idea of what you might want to run depending on the quality of the stream you’re looking to attain or a full 1080p 60 frames per second stream it suggests a bitrate of 4500 to 6000 and to keep in mind this can also hinder the amount of people that are able to view your stream as those with a weak internet connection may be experiencing buffering problems which also suggests that for lower movement streams such as card games or talk shows the 1500 bit rate can look great so it really just depends on what you’re looking to do and what your internet connections are capable of bit rates can go anywhere from 1,500 to 6,000 as you can see so you’ll want to play around with it and see what works best for you once you have decided on Tv1 Malaysia

The best bit rate for you we’ll move on to the next section which is the keyframe intervals I like to set this at about 2 seconds as I find that there’s a good balance between bitrate and quality on Twitch the next thing is the preset which I will set to high quality a profile will be set on high and we will leave level on auto I will disable to pass encoding and I leave my GPU at 0 if you use more than one GPU you can add it by starting at 0 and Counting up so two gpus would be one bidirectional frames or B frames will remain at 2 and that will conclude the output tab we will skip over the audio tab for now as I have a whole video on audio settings

If you would like to check that out and we will get right into the video tab now these settings are also pretty straightforward you’ll start by choosing a base resolution which I will set to 1920 by 1080 you’ll want to then match that resolution for the output so I will also set that to 1920 by 1080 for the downscale filter because I am NOT down scaling I will choose the bi-linear option if I was to downscale I would choose the better 32 sample option but again I am NOT down scaling so I will choose the bilinear downscale filter well then change the common fps values from 30 to 60 and that will wrap up the video tab as far as hotkeys go it’s all personal preference if you’d like to use them or not use them basically they can help you set up keyboard shortcuts to do things such as stop stream or start stream or start recording or stop recording so

If you’d like to use them you can set them here and again it’s all personal preference and this brings us to our final tab the Advanced section here I make just a few changes you’ll want to change the Y UV color space from 601 to 709 and the Y UV color range from partial to full this will help you capture a wider range of colors and keep your stream looking vibrant if you want to turn on stream delay you can do so now by clicking the enable button and choosing how long you’d like to set a delay for keep in mind that if you plan on the interacting with your chat the longer the delay the harder it is to do so and this just about wraps up our OBS settings video I hope that you guys enjoyed it I tried to keep all the technical talk down to a minimum I know how boring and long these videos can get but if you have any specific questions for me about why I set something a certain way or the way something works please feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below and i’ll be sure to get back to you if you enjoy the video consider giving it a thumbs up and subscribing to the channel for our next video thank you so much for hanging out and have a great day