The Advantages and Excellence of Joining IELTS Test

There are many kinds of test for foreigners who want to measure their English communication skills. Well, let’s say IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. However, it seems that IELTS is the most recommended one among all although the cost to pay is generally more expensive. Is it true that this tends to give more benefits?
It actually depends on your necessities. In some cases, you may need the TOEFL test result much more than IELTS. But undeniably, IELTS tends to be more popular and more recognized all around the world. That’s why; it is a good idea if you have more money, you decide to use it to join the IELTS test. Here are the advantages.

The Speaking Section
Different from the other English tests that are only focused on the listening, reading, and grammar skills. IELTS has the speaking section as well. Theoretically, there are 4 language skills that must be acquired by people in order to communicate well. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Meanwhile, in English, there are additional macro-skills to let you be able to use those 4 skills properly; they are grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and many more.
IELTS tries to cover all those skills in such a good integration. That’s why; the IELTS speaking is available also although the assessment system tends to be more difficult. In fact, speaking skill is indeed essential particularly in term of oral communication. In this section, you are directly interviewed by English native speakers. It makes the result is more valid as well as the error possibility is less.

The Separated Sections
Despite speaking, there are also sections for IELTS listening, IELTS reading, and IELTS writing. Interestingly, each of them has its own score. Therefore, if you find it hard to pass the listening section, you can maximize the other sections you think you are more capable of. Meanwhile, the total score is the average values of all of them.

Two Types of IELTS Test
If the other tests are for the academic or working purposes only, the IELTS test can be for both of them. They are IELTS general training and IELTS academic modules. The general training test is for you who need the IELTS score for jobs and training. Meanwhile, the academic modules are if you need the score for studying abroad and academic purposes. Choose one of them that is the most necessary for your needs.

Recognized by more than 6,000 worldwide organizations
IELTS is indeed a test with the British-English as the language variation used. That’s why; it is initially intended for them who want to study, work, or migrate to some countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
Now, even studying and working in the USA also accept the IELTS score as the administration requirement. Meanwhile, many organizations, universities, courses, and institutions in Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, and some other non-English speaking country require IELTS also. In other words, the results of this test are flexible for any necessities in many countries in the world.