Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Modern wedding anniversary gifts are an alternative idea of ​​a list of traditional items. Prizes began during medieval Europe when husbands handed silver wreaths to their wives for their 25th wedding anniversary and gold crown for their 50th birthday.

Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Becoming a member of the prize list and the ideas below are not mandatory, but a guideline. Creativity is the key to making it valuable. It’s up to you to do what is listed below is very special. Maybe the dramatic effect or creative concept comes from the romance that you and your partner have. Read also 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

With the ideas given below, the idea of ​​giving and presentation style is the most valuable.

1st modern birthday gift: spectacle. The sound of the clock reminds you how precious your life is, allowing you to live more fertile.

Modern 21st Birthday Gift: Chinese. Chinese gifts may be more than porcelain. Make sure you can get a statue, a candle to bring together your dinner or decorations to decorate your table together. A unique way to show your love is to give your partner a combination of two elements. Porcelain necklace or bracelet decorated with garnet and place it on a piece of your partner’s favorite cake!

Modern 3rd Birthday Gift: Crystal. A more modern approach is to bring sunglasses. Find something chic and chic or a sophisticated and sophisticated look. There are many gift items related to crystals. Glasses can be one. Candle holders can create an atmosphere of candlelit dinners, flower vases can be filled with romantic flowers or wine glasses can be combined with a bottle of wine.

4th modern birthday gift: equipment. Some people cannot just buy household appliances as a birthday present. Only because they look boring. But that is really the way you give articles that make it romantic. A good tool is an espresso machine. So you have the perfect aroma to get your favorite cup of coffee and drink together, not only on your birthday, but every time of the day!

The 5th anniversary of a modern wedding gifts: tableware. They say cutlery is loved by many people and they hate some. Well, I don’t know why some people hate this article while it has many associations that can lead in various ways. Silver or silver cutlery can include romantic ideas for your dinner.

10 year anniversary. Modern gifts: diamonds. The most loved gem of all. They say that forever … Everything that exists with this material is a symbol of unlimited love.

Modern 15th Anniversary Gift: Watches. Is the clock a status symbol? For others, but for whatever reason, watches symbolize the power of special relationships on birthdays. Try to capture your wife’s mood by offering a wedding anniversary gift with her favorite motif hanging on her wrist.

The 20th birthday of a modern gift: platinum. Yes, platinum is expensive, but for 20 years your partner is worth it! At present, platinum is considered more valuable than gold. And as valuable as his wife, the Godiva Chocolate Platinum collection will be a very interesting gift!

35 year anniversary. Modern gifts: Jade. The value of jade is expressed by its color and intensity. The symbol of nobility, jade is a heavenly stone that is beneficial for ambro-marriage.

40th birthday. Modern gifts: Ruby. After 40 years together, it’s estimated that Ruby has an eternal flame that shines with time.

50th birthday. Modern gifts: gold. During your golden years, many symbolic ideas await you. A greeting from the White House or the Queen can be requested.