Things to Consider Before Joining the IELTS Speaking Test

Speaking test in IELTS is often considered one of the most difficult sections. In fact, there are many participants that can do good in reading and writing but they are just failed in the listening and speaking. But actually, IELTS speaking test is actually quite easy as long as you know the tips and tricks well. Meanwhile, there are also some matters that must be avoided during the test to be successful in the end. So, what are the things to do in the IELTS academic test particularly in the speaking section?

Speaking Clearly
It is one of the most important points of all. Before joining the test, you are even suggested to practice your spelling and intonation well. You should not worry about this matter actually. Nowadays, there are many websites that provide the videos for IELTS speaking. It is mainly about how to speak well so that the interviewers or examiners can listen to your words or answers more clearly.
You don’t need to answer the questions to fast just to let them know that you are capable in English speaking. On the other hand, the answers must be uttered slowly without too many repetitions. This way, you also don’t waste too much time answering.

Speaking Enthusiastically
Not all people were born with such a cheerful characteristic indeed. But during the IELTS speaking test, it seems you must practice yourself to speak enthusiastically. However, you should also pay attention to this matter, being enthusiast and cheerful doesn’t mean you can be joking or being bubbly this time.
The term of enthusiast here means that you pay attention well to each question given. While answering, you must also put some efforts to develop your answers but still relevant with the topic. Is it even really good if you can do the conversation naturally with the interviewer without you look having any burden?

Don’t be doubtful to ask
Because you are too nervous, you cannot hear the questions given. Rather than answering the questions randomly, it is much better to ask or let the interviewers repeat the questions. Of course, this must be done in a polite well with the sentence as follow: “Excuse me, could you please repeat the question?” Next, make sure to listen to the questions more carefully.

Avoiding the Use of Low-Level Words
In the formal conversations, there are some words that are considered low level or less professional. Unfortunately, the words are very common to hear and use like good, bad, like, drink, food, and many more.
So, in the IELTS general test for speaking, you should try to use the other words that look classier. For the word good, as an example, replace it with the other words like great, amazing, beautiful, exciting, and the others. Meanwhile, for the word bad, there are some classier synonyms like terrible or unpleasant.
Despite showing the politeness, the application of those higher level words tends to show that you have the rich vocabulary. Of course, you must know how to apply them words so that your speaking doesn’t look weird or too much.