5 Tips for Preparing for the IELTS Speaking Test

IELTS Speaking Tips – The International English Language Testing System or more commonly referred to as IELTS is a standard English language proficiency test that can be used as an alternative to entering several British universities or can be used as a fulfillment of visa requirements. This provision has been accepted and is widely practiced by several countries that use English, for example Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

By taking an IELTS test, of course you will know your English proficiency level. The ielts test itself consists of 4 parts tested, namely reading test, writing test, listening test, and speaking test.

Speaking test or Speaking ielts is one of the tests offered by this program and includes one of the most difficult tests for you to do. So you need an alternative called the ielts speaking tips or tips for the ielts speaking test. This is of course very much you need to have your speaking test succeed with a score that does not disappoint.
So what are ielts speaking tips that you need to know? Let’s look at the review below:

1. Try Practicing During Leisure
When I want to take the ielts speaking test, then trying to practice every opportunity is the first ielts speaking tips that you must do. Try to get used to speaking in English. Like chatting in English with friends who can speak English, or even with your same friends who will take the ielts test, you can even speak alone in front of a mirror and while walking or doing daily activities.

2. Discuss New Things
In sections 2 to 3 of the speaking test, you will find questions for you to answer and discuss the topic topics given. Well, if you often read popular news stories that use English. This will certainly help you to broaden your knowledge and knowledge about the latest topics that are hotly discussed.
Ielts speaking tips that can not only help you more easily when taking a speaking test. But it can also increase insight and knowledge about the most popular hot news at this time. In addition, reading news sites in a foreign language can also help add vocabulary.

3. Chat with Strangers
Tips for following the next ielts speaking are trying to dare to talk to strangers. This of course will really help you to catch the words that the interlocutor is talking about.

4. Add vocabulary
Increasing vocabulary or vocabulary is an ielts speaking tips that you really need. The reason is that speaking tests have the latest vocabulary that is rarely used daily. For this reason, multiplying vocabulary by reading, watching, and searching for vocabulary in English will really help you.