Strategies in IELTS Writing Task

IELTS Writing Task – IELTS is a test whose main purpose is to measure a person’s ability to speak English with the aim of needing to continue school or to work. For IELTS work and study programs not only apply to overseas. There are several companies and schools in the country also considering that you complete the data with this certificate. The form in IELTS itself includes all of the basic skills in English. Starting from listening, speaking, reading to writing.

For the writing test process, there are some precise strategies that you can do so that you can succeed and get a score that suits you. Among others are :

When you decide to do the IELTS Writing Task test it is good for you to consider the timeliness of your time when you will do it. For the Wrtiting test, you will usually be given time to work on it for approximately 60 minutes and you must immediately complete it with two part tests.

Strategy in doing it
If you will start working on the writing task, it’s a good idea to make a more efficient time comparison. And it is highly recommended to work on the second problem because the score is higher. For the time setting, it’s a good idea to make the right time sequence, for example, when you work on the first part with 150 words, it’s good to complete it in 20 minutes. Whereas for the second task it’s good for you to write 200 words with approximately 40 minutes. So it’s good to write the second task first after that you can continue the first one.

Understand the material and the problem
In IELTS Writing Task it is good for you to understand the material from the questions given. For the first task section it usually contains questions in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams. And in this task you are usually expected to explain information in accordance with what is in the graph, table and diagram clearly and in detail and in formal language.

While for the second taks in the IELTS Writing task you are usually expected to express some opinions or can also express arguments about the many problems that exist in the problem. And the problems presented usually have very diverse properties and will be adapted to the topic. This will eventually cause the writing to become a lot and will require a longer time for you to write. In other words, the second task usually does have a much more complex problem than the second. So it is highly recommended to work on the second question first after the first one. Thus, it will be more time efficient.