Tips for Working on IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Task – As is known that IELTS writing task 2 has a higher value than task 1. Therefore, you can focus less on the task 2. You can do task 2 first to make the time more efficient and the results of task 2 are also better . However, there are some tips you can do when working on this writing task 2 IELTS, like the following.

Analyze the topic
Before you really write your opinion, it’s good to analyze the topic of the question given. That way, you will know what to write later. Irrelevant topics and content will affect your final score.

Answer according to instructions
Make sure you write according to the instructions given. All points must be listed in your writing. Don’t let anyone miss it.

Do the points
There is no harm in working on IELTS writing task 2 to make plans in advance. You can spend at least 3 to 5 minutes to make a list of points that will be written later. This will make your writing smoother.

Make sure to write with a few paragraphs
Make sure you work on writing task 2 by dividing it into several paragraphs, at least 3 paragraphs, including opening, core and closing. This will increase your final score later.

Don’t forget the topic of sentences
To be able to work on each paragraph, make sure you start with the sentence topic. Then develop with supporting sentences. It would be nice to make the first sentence that is effective and can be developed easily.

Don’t forget the reason
Give your reasons for the arguments that you give. But the reason alone is not enough, if it is not supported by relevant examples. To be able to get 250 words, you can develop your idea with some examples and reasons for each of your arguments.

Conclude each article
For the last paragraph, you can conclude your writing as a closing. You can write a few points or an outline. If necessary add criticism and suggestions for the closing section.

Use formal language
For IELTS writing tasks, do not use personal language. The reason is that it will be better to see the writing look subjective and can reduce the authority of the argument. Just use standard or formal language or words. This will add your final value, especially in the lexical resources section.

Always check again
Before actually submitting your work to the examiner, always check your writing again. This is to avoid small mistakes that can reduce the final value later. It would be nice, you set aside 2 to 3 minutes to correct again. Are there any pronunciation errors, vocabulary, structure and others?