Wedding Traditions and Superstition to be observed

Wedding Traditions –  In the last fifty years of my life, I often saw friends and loved ones marrying. Killing who has taught me a lot about marriage, but it is very important to respect the most common marketers and superstitions related to marriage. Why? Why, who is it, your name is chosen to choose an event name, an absurd or paradigm that is considered a comedy for day to day from day to day.

Wedding Traditions

Wedding dress

We have all heard that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in a wedding dress before the ceremony. The truth is that the longstanding tradition says it is bad luck for the bride to wear a complete wedding dress before the day she makes her wedding appointment. This is for lions that you almost never see a bride trying on a wedding dress with her wedding shoes, veil, etc. One of my college friends knew a young woman who decided to ignore this tradition and a complete marriage filament was a wedding from one side to the other “taking a few pictures with friends” the night before the son of marriage. So, he said, most people here think they are showing off. The bathrobe to execute a box of water is indicated for the use of bed linen and baths and for the sale of pets.

The next day his fiancee decided not to attend the ceremony after my college friend told him that he had called to say that his fiance seemed “fat or pregnant” when he saw the bride. in his shirt the night before. My friend is not bad, but he feels sorry for the man who has done everything he can to keep his bride pure (he pretends to be a virgin) by not having sex with him. All you need to do is use a bathrobe, but you will like it a little, but you can get a little but make your lifestyle. The story will be far richer than that, but I have no doubt that the catalyst for the cancellation of a man is my friend’s phone call and that the call will never end. he doesn’t pretend to be funny. long tradition.

Wedding Shoes

The new bride must know that superstitions among us say we are unlucky to wear shoes for ceremonies that should not be used specifically and solely for marriage. If that proves that people who wear ceremonial shoes or clothes after the bridegroom and groom make their vows are not bad luck. Bone shoes must be torn or burned immediately after the ceremony and no one will receive data for anyone. This tradition began in the late 1800s and probably from traders who wanted to sell shoes. However, where is your call going?

One of the same large districts, but what is important is that the super model is a kind of superstitious, ignored fairy. Ben is an economical man who hates wasting money. For the year before his marriage he bought a pair of expensive shoes to wear at a bank, cemetery, and other special events. When my friend went with him to help him choose a suit for his own wedding, Ben asked him about the shoes. Ben said he would wear his best shoes because they were barely worn and looked new. After all, even at that time, a pair of new quality shoes could easily cost more than a hundred dollars, and Ben thought the money would be better elsewhere. Read also Beach Wedding Dress

My friend talked about the marriage of Ben’s tradition of shoes heard about his mother, father, and grandparents. My friend lived with his own advisor, married without incident, and remained married ever since. Of course he and his family are very superstitious about things like margins, but there are some who are divorced in their family lineage and many successful marriages and marriages. Ben is wearing the “best pair of shoes” or “a bad marriage,” the warning he received from my friend. Today is a unique plan for children’s marriages. He decides to use ribs for marriage as a joke that says he can become an escape bride. Jokes, but vice versa.

Ben and his family were deeply insulted by the presence of sneakers and a dispute over a wedding reception, which continued during the honeymoon.