Hycarus Nintendo Switch Controller

Hey there guys I’ve got something a little different for you it’s an accessory review before we get into it though let’s review the stats of this high Kuras controller so the weights 217 grams is compatible with switch PC and Android connects through Bluetooth the sensors are six sensor function and the batteries are 600 milliamp rechargeable which lasts about seven hours with a two hour recharge time review

So first of all to connect this controller to the switch it’s rather simple you go to the home screen change grip order and hold wire plus the home button I like how easy it was to do this it was simple connecting my pro controller which is always a bonus the buttons all felt responsive I like how they light up which to me when having a third party controller it’s all very important I had no issues here the trigger buttons are nice and resistant as well as all the other buttons and most importantly they aren’t responsive no matter what games I was playing now I’m a huge fan of the pro controller and I believe it’s one of the best controllers on the market right now but if you’re into the PlayStation type of layout then this, of course, is very similar

If you prefer this type of layout the controller has a decent weight to it felt quite well bill although it does seem a bit of a cloning you can see this on the controller where they’ve covered it up in some of the areas of course it’s not quite to the level of build quality as the pro controller but then this is half the price at 29 pounds 99 which you can order directly from Amazon I’ll leave a link in the description now I played a number of games with this controller including a Raging Justice starlink sinner and Pocket Rumble I had no issues with the responsiveness of the controller playing these games and even though it’s not advertised in the manual or on Amazon the controller does produce vibration so it does look to be compatible with HD Rumble which was a nice surprise in terms of its battery of course this is a new controller but it did last mere six hours before having to charge it which is a decent amount of time it does take two hours to charge though and does not use a fast charger massive deal I would have preferred if it if you used the USB see but it uses USB that’s fine it takes about two hours

I’ve said not the end of the world a turbo button is included it can be mapped to any button if you wish had no problems on the switch with calibration and everything worked as intended one thing I did know is because it’s something I use all the time is using the controller to wake up my console didn’t work which is a shame as that is something I use a lot one of the days when we have to get up and push the button on the console itself and one thing to know is that this is also compatible with a PC and Android compatible devices so you can play games on there with this controller which may benefit those of you who play games elsewhere other than just the switch which is a great to have option gyro and motion control is also included within this particular controller if you like to play games like this then you located for for those of you not willing to spend the 55 pounds it will cost you to buy a pro controller

This is by no means a bad alternative I can’t speak about durability yet as I’ve not had the controller long enough and hasn’t been subjected to my C red frustration yet although some further playing of sinner will definitely see to that so it’s definitely a controller I can recommend for those of you-you’re willing to spend a little bit less money let us know guys in the comment section below what you thought of this reviews we’ve done usually take by an accessory reviews but we do like to do them from time to time what do you think of this controller is it for you zumadeluxe.biz