Enjoy Culture and Adventure on European Family Holidays

When it comes to planning the next family holiday, there is really no time like the present! For those living within easy access to the delights of Europe, the options are many and varied and there are plenty of excellent experiences suitable for a family. Travel insurance is, of course, a very important feature to consider when travelling, but before you make any decisions on a policy you’ll need to nail down exactly where you’re going and what you plan on doing.

There are so many places in Europe to visit, perhaps the best way to approach a decision is to consider just what it is you and your family want out of your holiday. As a starting guideline, if you are looking for art and culture, head to France, Italy, Austria or Germany, or if you want something a bit more outdoors-y and adventurous, consider Finland or Italy.

Arts and Culture

It is no surprise that the big guns in the world of arts and culture in the European union are all pretty close together. If you are looking at getting around more than one country in your hunt for the arts of Europe, make sure your family travel insurance covers everywhere you plan to visit. You can head to France and Italy to explore the fine arts by visiting the Louvre and the Uffizi galleries in Paris and Florence, respectively; you can also head up the Eiffel Tower and, in Italy, seek out by the Academia to see David. You could swing down to Rome to enjoy some ancient cultural activities and sites before popping over to Venice to wander the streets where the roads are waterways. If your family loves music, Austria, as the birthplace of Mozart, is ideal and there is so much musical history it could keep you entertained for weeks. If the older children want something a little more modern and cool, Berlin will be a revelation. The street art and cultural scene is second to none, and they will feel cool just being in the city! While there, you can also visit the many excellent museums, the Babylon Gate and the famous Bust of Nefertiti.

Adventure holidays

If your family is less about culture and more about adventure, don’t worry; you still have plenty of options. Do be very aware, however, that your family travel insurance may not cover the more extreme activities and you’ll have to get special coverage for anything like that – before you go.

Finland is an excellent place to go for an outdoors adventure, and its rivers and stunning wilderness make for a spectacular holiday experience. It is a true joy to explore the rivers of Finland – riding the rapids and taking in the spectacular landscape as you go. (Again, ensure that if you plan to do white water rafting you have provided for this in your family travel insurance policy.)

If you’d rather stay on dry land, biking or hiking in Italy’s Dolomites is another great option. In the summertime the trails here are perfect for mountain biking and walking and you can book a guided tour to explore everything this picturesque region has to offer.